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New Experiences Added:

BaseballSongwritingSkateboarding – Jiu Jitsu

California Adventure Camps

A Better Way To School

Current 2024 Schedule

  • March 18th – 22nd – Fullerton, Bellevue, Chula Vista
  • March 23rd – Cottonwood
  • March 25th – 28th – Chula Vista, Armona
  • April 1st – 5th – Gateway, Cascade
  • April 15th – 19th – Gateway Ninja Course
  • May 13th – 15th – Cottonwood Ninja Course
  • June 3rd – 5th – Bella Vista Ninja Course
  • June 3rd – 7th – Salida School District
  • June 10th – 14th – Salida, Cascade, Armona, Gateway
  • June 17th – 21st – Cascade, Gateway, Salida, Corning Ninja Course
  • June 24th – 28th – Ninja Course Chico
  • July 1st – 3rd – Possibly Fullerton Ninja Course Event (tentative)
  • July 8th – 12th – Salida Ninja Course
  • July 15th – 19th – Chowchilla (tentative), Grassvalley
  • July 22nd – 26th – Grassvalley, Chowchilla (tentative), Orland
  • July 29th – 31st – Chowchilla (tentative)

Inspired kids are happy kids!

Our passion is enhancing children's lives by providing life-changing enrichment experiences not otherwise accessible to students.

Our Core Values:


  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

In-person special appearances by:

Britt Ahart

Britt Ahart

Survivalist, TV Personality History Channel's "Alone"

George A Johnson

Award Winning Film Director, Producer & Writer

Ruthie Bolton

Ruthie Bolton

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA Hall of Fame

Laura Wilkinson

Laura Wilkinson

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist - Diving

John Michael Hinton

Professional Magician and Public Speaker

Jordan Meiners

Team USA Archery

Robia Scott

Actress, Life Coach, Public Speaker

Art Still

Former NFL Football Player, Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills

Eric Smith

Former NCAA Division 1 Quarterback, Leadership Trainer & Author

Chris Goddard

Former Professional Bowler

Jesse Labreck

American Ninja Warrior

Azure Granger

Professional Artist and Art Instructor

Clare Dunn

Professional Musician

Mitch Lively

Professional Baseball Player

Ryan Dye

Professional Skateboarder

Nigel Skeet

Former Professional Rock & Roll Photographer

… and more.

Sample Experiences

Britt Ahart – Survivalist

Britt Ahart is a popular two-season contestant on the hit TV show Alone, where he spent many weeks completely alone in the middle of nowhere.

Britt provides a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for your school, and he will teach students everything they need to know about camping in the wilderness.  Videos and worksheets will cover topics such as:

  • Plant & Animal Identification
  • Fire Safety
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Camping Basics

Laura Wilkinson – U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist – Diving

Learn what it means to be a confident competitor from an Olympic Gold Medalist.

7 Modules and Worksheets

  • Goal Setting
  • Failure Leads To Success
  • Preparation
  • Facing Fear
  • Self Talk, Emotions & Mindfulness
  • Visualization
  • You Are Capable

George A. Johnson – Award-winning director, writer & producer

Students will be taught how to write, direct, and produce a film, with an option for a separate acting class.

  • Lesson 1: My Story On Paper
    • How to write a short film
  • Lesson 2: My Story On Camera
    • How to be a director
  • Lesson 3: My Story On Screen
    • How to be a producer

Special appearance from George and a red carpet event premiering a film made about your school, written, directed, and produced by George.

Ruthie Bolton – Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA All-Star

When the going gets tough, the tough keep going.

Ruthie Bolton’s basketball camp:

  • Perseverance
  • Keep your eye on the ball
  • Never, ever, ever give up
  • Overcoming obstacles

A special appearance by Ruthie Bolton is a treat for all.

Clare Dunn – Professional Musician and Recording Artist

Kids may think they can’t write or perform songs.  Clare Dunn proves they can.

Clare Dunn’s songwriting camp:

  • The anatomy of a song
  • Use your imagination
  • Let’s write a song
  • Performance

Clare’s songwriting camp is a California Adventure Camp’s rising star!

Azure Granger – Professional Artist and Art Instructor

Kids experience the satisfaction of creating art beyond what they think they can achieve.

Azure Granger’s art camp:

  • From imagination to creation
  • Mental and physical coordination
  • Attention to details
  • Artistic freedom

Azure’s art camp is a California Adventure Camps favorite!

Mitch Lively – Professional Baseball Player

Kids learn one of America’s foundational sports, taught by a professional baseball player.

Mitch Lively’s baseball camp:

  • Whole body coordination and balance
  • The technicalities of baseball
  • Strategic thinking
  • Be an individual in a team sport

Mitch Lively’s professional baseball camp is open to boys and girls alike!

Ryan Dye – Professional Skateboard Instructor

Kids experience the thrill and freedom of Skateboard Culture.

Ryan Dye’s skateboard camp:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Skateboard care and maintenance
  • Getting air
  • Go fast, go safe

Ryan Dye’s fantastic skateboard camp is open to boys and girls alike!

Nigel Skeet – Photography

Boiling 30+ years of professional photography down to the understandable basics.

Nigel’s interactive photography camp:

  • Hands-on: Students get to use professional cameras and lighting
  • Learn and memorize the basic principles of photography
  • Understand the power of photography
  • Every student takes at least one print home

Nigel makes understanding and experiencing photography fun and engaging.

Photographs taken by students during camp.

Football, Ninja, Magic!

California Adventure Camps descended upon Orland School District and brought a whole lot of results with them!

Acting, with Robia Scott

Actress, life coach, and public speaker, Robia Scott teaches kids how to be fearless and fully self-expressed through acting.  Professional and engaging interactions.

Archery, with Jordan Meiners

Team USA and Olympic Hopeful, Jordan Meiners, teaching kids the precise art of archery.  Inspiring the next generation.

The Ninja Warrior Experience

Every California Adventure Camp includes a full and mobile Ninja Warrior Course – with optional special appearances by American Ninja Warriors – as seen on TV!

Smash Mouth Came To Camp

California Adventure Camps invited the rock band Smash Mouth to play for school families.

We’ll bring the crew



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